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May 11, 2011

Mission Statement

Saharo Foundation will accomplish its vision by following short and long term strategy, and a comprehensive plan of initially uplifting the deprived people of developing countries. Saharo will serve as a vehicle to provide scholarships on regular basis to talented people of rural areas. Saharo will decentralize and delegate the authority to make timely decisions at lowest possible level while maintaining the accountability through trail of paper work with a tougher check and balance. Saharo’s assets will be volunteers throughout the globe. Saharo will exercise zero tolerance policy for violating integrity. Saharo will serve as courier who can be trusted, between donor and underprivileged. Saharo’s mission is to give women new skill set, so they can use variety of self-sustaining tools, and pay individual attention to orphans and special children, so they can become future leaders. Several health, educational, and technical programs will spread throughout the globe in order to accomplish the vision.

Short Term Strategy

Saharo Foundation’s short term strategy is based on five year plan starting from 01 January 2011 and ending 31 Dec 2015. During this five year period, Saharo will publish annual reports to show progress, and shift the strategy if needed. Following Projects are core elements of five year short term strategic plan:
• Award 100,000 scholarships to highly talented underprivileged area students of any education level for higher studies or skill development.
• Train 10,000 Women of all ages through vocational training, provide them equipment, and help market their products through access in International market.
• Set up 5 health clinics which focus on Depression, and Hepatitis.
• Help the victims of people, and natural disasters through micro loans, and financial assistance.
• Set-up research centers in rural areas with access to internet
• Conduct formal and informal counseling sessions, provide guidance and a tailored path to success as per individual need.
• Publish a resource book about worldwide educational institutions, scholarships, immigration, and careers.
• Increase cooperation, and build healthy relationship with Donors and other organizations on ground in underprivileged areas.
• Open line of communication; take maximum advantage of technology, and social media.
• Help homeless with shelter.

Mid Term Strategy

Saharo Foundation’s Mid Term strategy is based on a ten year comprehensive doable plan to uplift the underprivileged people socially, and economically. This strategic plan includes short term strategic projects along with following additions;

• Double the scholarships for talented students for higher studies, and skill development.
• Sponsor talented graduates for International training in field of their choice.
• Establish Non Profit high quality technology equipped schools in developing countries.
• Triple the number of health units
• Help women from rural areas to become entrepreneurs by providing them necessary tools, and skills, so they can generate jobs in those areas.
• Establish a working relationship between International Universities and Universities of Developing Countries, encourage exchange student program.
• Increase focus and establish centers for disabled, drug addicts, widows, and orphans, so they can live a quality life.
• Continue take advantage of social media, and adjust strategy according to current conditions of that time.
• Train volunteers so they can face challenges on ground.
• Invite Saharo scholars to brief donors, and tell their stories.
• Help homeless people with shelter.


Education sector in developing countries is suffering the most. Inflation rate is so high that people can’t even feed their families, so forget about education. People send their kids to government schools in order to check the block where most of times no teacher or school is available. Some choose to send their kids to get religious education in Madrasah, where kids can stay and get feed for free. Private education which is of better quality than above two is out of reach for a normal working class family. In Result children end up working during childhood, and forced to do a child labor. The common perception in developing countries is that future of farmer’s child is same as of his/her parents. Saharo is dedicated to change this perception.

Saharo’s Role in Education Sector

Saharo Foundation’s one of the important goals is to provide as much support as we possibly can in education sector. This is very wide and most important element of bringing any community out of socio-economic crisis. No tool is better than education in the World. Quality education helps promote healthy and wealthy nations. Saharo Foundation has break down the education sector in different phases, so particular group can be tackled in certain way.

Saharo Scholarships Project

This is the backbone project of Saharo Foundation. Since 2006 Saharo Foundation has received numerous requests for scholarships from the talented students of developing countries. Saharo focused on one area of Sindh Pakistan. Saharo awarded several scholarships to the students of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro, Sindh University Jamshoro, People Medical College for Girls Nawabshah Sindh, Chandka Medical University Larkana Sindh, and Shah Latif Uiversity Khairpur Sindh. Saharo asked Professors of those institutions to recommend highly talented and deserving students. After reviewing each case individually education committee awarded scholarships, and paid full tuition fees of a semester. Saharo also encouraged and sponsored rural area students to get certificates and degrees from Chartered Accountant Institute of Pakistan. Saharo is planning to transform scholarship project, and announce annual scholarships.

Saharo Vocational Training Project

Saharo has been on forefront in implementing and encouraging vocational training projects. Saharo starting point remained the same rural areas of Sindh. Saharo brain stormed and volunteered to sponsor jobless people for trainings through established businesses. Saharo currently runs a 20-machine vocational training center to empower women in Shaikarpur Sindh, we are also looking into ways to expand this project, and implement other micro training projects which can give an extra tool to a jobless person. We have partnered with local entrepreneurs to help create pool of skilled people in different skills. Saharo had approached bakery owners to give internship or training where Saharo will pay the monthly stipend to bakery owners and in return they will give training. Saharo is also looking to set up a training center in Hyderabad.

Saharo Career Counseling and Research Center Project

This project has been one of our top priorities. Saharo is the first overseas Sindhi organization to implement this project. Saharo started asking North American Pakistani Americans to help provide career counseling during their visit to Pakistan. Several volunteers agreed to speak with students who are looking for guidance. Saharo has provided counseling sessions for Quaid-e-Awam University Nawabshah, and Isra University Hyderabad students free to charge. Saharo arranged a seminar at Isra, the first of its kind by any nonprofit organization.

Saharo Information Sharing Project

Saharo Foundation believes in information sharing, in an effort to implement this project. Saharo volunteer has compiled a booklet which contains procedure of admission in international institutions, scholarships, tests, career paths, research patterns, and much more has been added to guide rural students who may not have access to internet. This project will help publish this booklet, and distribute in rural area institutions. Saharo Foundation blog ( has links to several test sites; resume writing, research databases beyond google and yahoo, health tips, scholarship postings. Saharo sends these posting tippers to over 100 subscribers regularly.


Health is the foundation of Saharo, this organization started because a girl from rural area was battling with her life. Since year 2005, Saharo's has saved so many lives by providing free medicines, and treatment. Saharo saved Arifa Shaikh after failed suicide attempt on 18 July 2005. In August 2006 we helped a young boy of Dadu district who was suffering from Cardio disease. Saharo then helped three young children of Thar Desert area of Sindh through Mr. Manmohen General Manager Daily Awami Awaz, who were suffering from thalassemia. Since then hundreds of patients have been helped.

Saharo Health Clinic Project

Saharo Foundation started helping Mabel Foundation with health clinic project in Mirpurkhas Sindh. This health clinic provided free diagnosis and prevention treatment to rural are patients who were suffering from Hepatitis. This disease remains the concern in developing countries; millions are still infected, and need urgent care. Saharo has also funded health clinic in Shirkarpur Sindh, this clinic was dedicated in treating depression patients at no cost. A volunteer physiatrist provided this service to the patients of rural areas. Saharo is looking in to expanding these kinds of projects, and searching on possibility of mobile health clinics.

Saharo Free Medical Camp Project

This is the short term camp to help treat patients who cannot travel to hospitals. Saharo has few successful health camps near Hyderabad in 2010 after massive floods in Sindh. People were living in camps without access to proper health facilities. Saharo stepped up and provided 2-day camps with the help of volunteer doctors. Free treatment was provided to hundreds of patients.

Saharo Medicine Distribution Project

Saharo Foundation has provided free medicines to two hospitals. Shikarpur hospital's child care ward was the one of recepient of free medicines. Several children are admitte din this hospital, who cannot afford to buy expensive medicines. Saharo also provided free medicines to Shaikh Zayed Hospital Larkana doctors. Local doctors are running the charity to help poor patients. Saharo donated significant amount in 2010 to these doctors for distribution of free medicines.

Saharo Health Information Sharing Project

Saharo strongly believes in information sharing, we published a health related pamphlets for distribution in rural areas. These pamphlets were published in local language so patients can learn how to treat common diseases, and healthy persons can learn how to prevent themselves from diseases. This helped people to easily understand instructions for washing hands, and maintain a hygienic life style.

Saharo Life Line Project

This project is to help people stand on their feet or support the heirs of those who became victims of crime. Saharo has supported a blind head of Raoji family who belonged to a minority in rural area of Mirpurkhas. Shahro sent team of volunteers to help this family financially. YouTube video is available for this event. Thanks to Taluka Nazim Mirpurkhas for his help.

Saharo Clean Drinking Water Project

Saharo makes every effort to provide clean drinking water to people of rural areas. Developing countries are facing so many challenges in providing clean drinking water. Millions are suffering from water borne diseases. In year 2010 Sindhi American doctor donated free ceramic filters of American quality for distribution in rural areas. Saharo volunteers tested the filters, and then distributed free of charge in rural areas of Sindh. Help is need to continue this project.

Natural Disaster Relief

Saharo played crucial if not vital role during the floods of October 2007, and August 2010 in Pakistan. Saharo collected donations from Americans and delivered to those victims in rural areas which were hard to reach. Saharo provided rations in different camps, children were given clothes and dry milk, and families were given blankets and food during high water levels in their houses. Saharo volunteers worked day and night to assist those who were in dire need. This is our most successful project so far. Money was raised through car washes, baking sale, and appeals to friends in America. Americans donated thousands of dollars for this relief effort which will continue for years. Thousands of free meals, hand fans, clay water pots, and medicines were distributed in several districts of Sindh area. Karaoke night was organized in Virginia where Indian and Pakistani Americans came out to support the relief efforts. Voice of America extensively covered this event.

Saharo Victim Support Fund

Saharo has supported abuse victim in United States, financial support was provided to a female victim for 6 months, this help boosted her morale and provided her ladder to climb. Now she is on her own feet. Saharo also collected funds to support a Pakistani origin Pizza delivery man who was murdered in the State of Maryland in late 2010. Saharo helped his family in Pakistan, and offered services to sponsor his children for education.

Saharo Foundation, USA

Saharo Foundation is a Non Partisan, Non Religious, Non Political, and Non Profit Organization registered in the State of Maryland, United States of America.We are here to help the impoverished people around the globe. Saharo is run by volunteers, no employees, no posh area offices, no rental cars or hotels, no middlemen, and no miscellaneous costs. Saharo Foundation is a 501(C)(3) organization therefore all donations are Tax deductible.

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