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Dec 20, 2013

Season's Greetings and Activity Update

Dear Philanthropist:

On Behalf of Saharo Foundation, I wish you all Happy Holidays, this is time to rejuvenate, give gifts to family & friends, and take some time from work to cherish memories during new year. As you spread the season's greetings, I encourage you to remember those who do not have luxury to buy or receive gifts, spend quality time with loved ones and feed their families during this joyous time. I urge you to take few moments to discuss the conditions of those who are struggling to pass the day with your family, friends and co-workers. There are many opportunities around us to donate and make difference in our communities, but I want to give you quick overview of  what Saharo Foundation has done during past many years.

SAHARO FOUNDATION has been engaged in multiple small scale social welfare projects since 2005. When it comes to save a life of a person who can't afford treatment, can't continue education, lacking skills for advancement or simply need quick assistance to get going, then Saharo Foundation has been there to assist. Our directors work free of cost on part time basis to run the organization, our volunteers in field have first hand experience of local conditions. We DO NOT pay for hotels, posh area offices, and do not maintain any vehicles. We believe in cutting middleman and taking your hard earned dollar directly to deserving people regardless of their religion, cast, or creed. Saharo's sole focus is on social services with minimum overhead. We have strong accountability system in place to ensure every dollar is documented properly. Please take a look at following projects and let us know if you can donate $1/Day or even less to support our efforts. 

SAHARO FOUNDATION will mail all donation receipts, donors in United States can claim the donations on their tax returns.

Immediate Need for Scholarship

  • Female talented student of BBA in Shah Latif University need semester fee
  • Two sisters who are medical students in People's university of medical and health sciences for women (PUMHSW) need assistance.


  • Five sewing centers in Shikarpur District to provide free vocational training to women
  • Scholarships to Shah Latif University students
  • Financial support to newly built Memon Jamaat hospital in Shikarpur
  • Mentoring and guidance to many students, mailing scholarship information, extensive education, health, immigration and other information sharing through social media, currently serving over 179 regular readers on blog: 


  • Test Preparation Assistance
  • Scholarships
  • Medical Assistance (eye surgeries and medicine assistance)
  • Small scale self sustaining income generation projects 


  • Supported psychology clinic in Shikarpur 
  • Financially supported schools in Lahore and Karachi
  • Sponsored Christian poor student in Islamabad
  • Focused approach to fight malnutrition among kids and women
  • Partnered with major organizations to sponsor eye surgeries in Hyderabad
  • Organized health camps in remote areas of Sindh
  • Awarded scholarships to talented students of Shah Latif University
  • Conducted Skype sessions with IBA Sukkur
  • Distributed goods, clothes, medicines and other items worth thousands of dollars among flood victims of Sindh since the year 2005.
  • Seminars by visiting scholars in Universities of Sindh


Business Owners: Keep a jar for donations in your store or business, small change will make difference. We have previously raised good money through jars.

Company Officers: Most of the companies have dollar matching programs. Saharo has previously received donations from few companies under this category. Companies have tax benefits for charity donations, please ask your company about matching donation initiative.

Philanthropists: Good way to raise money is bake sale, car washes and appeals for donations to your local grocery chains and neighbors. This encourages community involvement and creates sense of giving among children. Saharo has raised hundreds of dollars in car washes and bake sales. 

Personal Donations: We have been heavily relying on your generous donations, everyone matters and every dollar counts. The small change in your wallets will make big difference in lives of those who live on $1/day. 

Thank you

Saharo Foundation, USA

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