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Oct 20, 2013

Saharo Test Preparation Project

We all know that GRE and TOEFL are the basic requirements for admission in many universities and colleges around the globe. GRE is also a requirements for awarding many scholarships to the people of Pakistan. What we have seen is very small ratio of people from rural areas are taking advantage of the available scholarship opportunities. 

Saharo Foundation is starting a Test Preparation Project to help the students of rural areas with test preparation. We will partner with local and global institutions and organizations to provide the material, coaching and possible financing for test.

We will encourage talented and motivated students to come to our centers, learn the basic skills necessary to pass the test, network with other aspirants, learn from Alumni and apply for available scholarships around the globe.


We are going to hire few Part Time teachers for MATH and ENGLISH, we will reach out to heads of educational students in rural Sindh with a request to provide free class room for evening classes. We will pay part time salary to highly qualified instructors who can teach ENGLISH and MATH three times a week in each institution. We will get all the test material and provide students at no cost, after the end of 3 month course, students will be given practice test, those who pass test but can't pay fees for "real" test will be given vouchers to use.

We will bring Alumni and Other experts who have availed the scholarship opportunities to speak with students and motivate them.


  • Help us Secure Rooms at Educational Institutions
  • Support us financially
  • Reach out to your friends, relatives, and other contacts and pass this useful information
  • Identify highly qualified Instructors

Following Scholarships are available for Pakistani Students



USA Youth Exchange Program

and many more……

Here is the web link for GRE preparation and FREE PRACTICE TESTS:



Information for students educated abroad who want to study in Canada

PLEASE VISIT http://www.saharofoundation.blogspot.comfor detailed information about scholarships, study abroad and many more useful educational tips.

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